In celebration of the height of summer, we introduce the Annisa collection, an ode to the vibrant patterns, rich colors, and deep traditions of Indonesia. From our early days, we have partnered with a team of talented craftspeople in Bali to create our Kara Thoms pieces. For our latest collaboration, we wanted to highlight the exquisite local practice of batik.

Batik is more than a beautiful print; it has centuries-old roots in the traditions of Indonesia. Recognized in 2009 by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, the craft of creating patterns by wax-resist then whole-cloth dyeing fabric is a technique passed down through generations. The intricate designs, which often incorporate motifs from the natural world, are a true artform and in Indonesia, the cloth is used in everything from ceremonies to day-to-day wear.

Our new batik print, with deep blues and earth-toned brown's, rests within that lineage, a joyful connection to the traditions of the past. The intricate vine pattern makes the perfect accent to some of our most loved dresses and tops—and serves as an inspiration for new shapes that are sure to become timeless go-to’s. From easy one-and-done cover-ups to romantic sweeping dresses, we’ve written your summer packing list for spur-of-the-moment beach getaways, dreamy adventures on cobblestoned streets, or festive gatherings in your best friends’ backyards.